Barbara Gabriel Testimonials

“I have appreciated working with you.  I’m so impressed with your abilities. So many things are clear at the end of the session and I have useful insights. You have also been an inspiration to me as a therapist.  I have become a better professional as a result of our work together, not just from the personal improvements I’ve experienced, but from seeing a better way to do what I do by watching you.”

James Roberts, LCSW

Barbara Gabriel is a cutting edge, transformative, contemporary healer with a soulful wisdom and matchless compassion that are ageless. She is truly a beautiful person and to spend time with her is to feel understood, fully met on one’s truest ground, and to be restored to vitality, motivation and hope. She has changed my life into what I’d hoped it could be and I am forever grateful to her.

Alan Kaufman, Author, San Francisco, CA

Barbara brings the essential out of the complex.

Dr. Arlene Mazak, Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies

Barbara Gabriel’s practice of psychotherapy is geared to a high level of effectiveness and is enriched by her authenticity, humanity and depth of understanding.

Bruce Ecker, originator of Coherence Therapy,

I have had the good fortune to work with Barbara Gabriel on/off for the past several years. Barbara’s keen insight and practical therapeutic approach has changed my life and enriched my personal and professional relationships. Part of Barbara’s talents lie in creating the appropriate team to address a patient’s needs. She brought in other professionals with diverse skill-sets so that I would receive a holistic and personalized treatment. The end result of tailoring my treatment was to overcome my chemical dependency and transform my life.

Anonynmous San Francisco, CA


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